Lull in the Night (Physical Copy)

Lull in the Night (Physical Copy)


Over 8 years ago, at the birth of my first born, the Lord started showing me something. It was a perspective that should have been very easy to see, or better yet, easy to remember. But it wasn't. I had become old and had forgotten what it was to be a son. I had forgotten what the Lord thought and felt about me and in turn could no longer see Him clearly. My experiences and shortcomings had jaded my heart to becoming a tamed measure of a man.

See, I am by nature a kid of the impossible. I believe in bigfoot, I dream of unicorns, I travel to distant lands in my mind and usually come back with a song. Even in my forgetfulness of the Father, I still somewhat thrived in the wonder of it all. But just like anyone else, once the compass goes're just lost. Sure, it's a beautiful place for a while, even fun to adventure, but when the night comes and you have no become afraid very easily and you realize you are alone.

Out of this revelation I began finding my way. It was like the morsels of bread i had dropped along the journey feeding my soul all the way back to an impossible God. The truths were simple, easy to understand, something a child would delight in…a lullaby. I sang them over my children praying that they would never lose the voice of the Father. That they would always know Him and what He thought of them. The simple gospel, but the greatest weapon pushing back the darkness.

Lull in the night is a discovery of who you are through the lens of a Father. Whether you are child who’s afraid of the dark or an old soul who’s been lost for far too long, these 15 songs will shine light i the darkness and bring you safely home.

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