Amick Cutler Music






Amick Cutler is an American Artist, Composer and Songwriter. The depth of his work is drawn from a well of risk, trial and overcoming. Every note and lyric tells a personal story of his own wild surrender inviting you into the mystery of what could be. Amick has dedicated his life to his God and his family. Although he has spent over 20 years developing his craft, it is only matched by the time and discipline he has chosen to lay his life down for those he loves and out of that experience let everything else flow. It may seem honorable; but it's simply the only way he knows how to live and out of that intimate place of personal revival we reap the stories and the songs.

Amick is not on any social platforms, but he loves email. If you are brave enough to strike up an actual conversation, shoot him a message below.



Amick travels the country full-time in a camper with his family. Every day an adventure, Every day a story. You can follow that journey @chiefwildcrew on Instagram.